[Hungarian version]

2002.-2005. he was the master of the house of the club Eldorado, where he played music with the most recognized DJ-s of the world.
The club's closure did not deber him from the trade, since a request article was his saleable cheerful personality in this trade.
He is unlaid guest of the most high standard electronic clubs of the country and electronicfestivals as well.
He plays in the music clubs weekly as a guest DJ.
He is regular visitor of the organized programs of Progrecinema Team.
Tight work enjoys a contact beside a friendly relation with members of formation BADGIRLS.
In the summer months already 2 years, he is the host on the electronic music weekends in club Aztec, where he's warm up for the most recognized DJ-s.
In 2010. he will be the house-master of the CETF ( Central European Techno Fest), that it would like to popularize the today's coloured and diverse styles of electronic music tendencies inside the framework of a club tour consisting of more stations.
The program would like to lining up with number national and international DJ-s and a high- standard program to dazzle the party faces visiting onto the programs.
The first stage, which can be the warm up of the program will be 19th february in M47, Sáránd, where worthly famous DJ - UMEK – leading up.
Tries his wings as a producer as well, and hopefully the year 2010 will featches the expected successes for him in this seguement.
As we know him, we don't have to wait a lot.
In 2007 came up their joint EP with Peppelino, who was born in Debrecen, by the independent publisher, Antiritmo Netlabel.

You may have heard Szeka, on the undermentioned places already:

MayDay Hungary 2005 | 2007 | 2009
Club Eldorado      resident 2002-2005
Studio – Budapest
Dokkoló - Budapest
Supersonic – Budapest
Kashmir – Budapest
Freeport – Budapest
DTD – Kiskunhalas
M47 - Sáránd
Alcatraz – Kiskunmajsa
Highlander – Sárospatak
Bázis – Debrecen
Vigadó - Debrecen

He played with international DJ-s already together:

Felipe aka Philip Straub | Dubfire | Timo Maas | Rush | Eric Sneo | Lucca | Marko Nastic | Dejan Milicevic |Gaetano Parisio | Rino Cerrone | Danilo Vigorito | Henrik B. | Marko Remus | Felix Kröcher | Madox | Inigo Kenedy | Adam Beyer | Misjah | Cave | Pet Duo | Redhead | Tonio... etc...

It figured in undermentioned media, his mixes were played:

- VIVA Tv Hungary Club Rotation 2007 | 2008 | 2009
- VIVA Tv Hungary Eleeektro 2007
- Preston FM /GB/
- Radio1. Hungary Ministry of Sound Hungarian Session
- Radio DEEJAY Hungary
- Radio Impex Budapest
- Radio 88.Szeged Fresh Jam
- Radio 1. Hungary Freetime
- Globalparty FM Hungary  etc...